Elizabeth Baylog
  • Born: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Presently: Listening to music, Watching TV, Skyping, Emailing, Drinking coffee & Talking to my mom.
  • Fun: Family, Friends, Running, Shopping, Sports, Sunday Funday, Yoga, Wine, Traveling, Laughing & Henry Lee Valentine.
  • Random: Would prefer business negotiations to be over a game of H-O-R-S-E, any takers?  Not a fan of Wednesdays.  Phone calls over texts & emails are nice.  My dad is the best.  I’m really lucky & I love my dog.
  • Karma: Former Senior Director at EMI Music NY & Former VP of Creative at BMG Chrysalis NY.  Partnered with Billy Mann to run an independent music publishing company.
  • Birth Sign: Taurus.


  • Jayhawksssss!! Keeping my bracket alive... Have to make those free throws 🙏🏼 1 day ago
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