Ashley Sonlin
  • Born: Doylestown, PA
  • Presently: Laughing, reading, singing along to new music
  • Fun: Going out with my friends, spending time with family, movie nights
  • Random: I’m an optimist, love breakfast food, and have a kitten named Roxy.
  • Karma: “Don’t let anything stop you. Break the mold”
  • Birth Sign: Gemini


  • just realized if I beat my goal this year of 50 books and actually read 52...I'll have read A BOOK A WEEK. ALL YEAR. goal unlocked 16 hours ago
  •  @britmarie17  darn it now I want the hat hahaha looks so cute on you! 17 hours ago
  • Just bought a replacement pair for my gym shoes from SEVENTH GRADE. Got my money's worth on those 😂😂😂 #12years? 21 hours ago
  • RT  @jacksfilms : put a Gaussian blur on your haters 23 hours ago