Toni Nielson

New York City

Songwriter | Recording Artist

  • Born: Coventry, RI
  • Presently: Racing across town in a cab, staring crosstown traffic in the face, emailing, texting, and learning to be in ten places at once.
  • Fun: Singing, boxing, dance parties, spontaneous travel, reading your mind
  • Random: There’s nothing random about being a Reiki master/teacher, shaman, psychic medium… Right? Sweet, but don’t piss the bad twin off (Hint: see birth sign)
  • Karma: “Last Train Home” and “Contigo” (Paty Cantu); “Hit Me” (Ilia Darlin); “Walk On Water” (TyDi and Maison & Dragon feat. Toni Nielson)
  • Birth Sign: Gemini


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