Sway Clarke II

Berlin, Germany

Recording Artist | Songwriter

  • Born: Toronto, Canada
  • Presently: Staring at the beautiful grey skies of Berlin wondering why I love this city.
  • Fun: Yes, I’m a fan of the band.
  • Random: I loathe eating. It’s far too much work. I ate bacon for the first time in 2012. Yes, my real name is Sway, so stop asking.
  • Karma: Tears Run Dry (Tinie Tempah), Mon Cherie (Kamel)
  • Birth Sign: In the western world, I’m a Gemini.


  • 🙌🏿 https://t.co/klH7Q8DAe5 1 month ago
  • Thank you  @DIFFUSMagazin  for letting me talk smack into your camera! 😘 https://t.co/V9AZseEEjl https://t.co/pTGC3cYmNY 1 month ago
  • NEW VIDEO: “#missamerica”! LINK: https://t.co/zb2NhJ7EOi + thank you to everyone who took the time to create with m… https://t.co/VHMHGMs1Im 2 months ago
  • Very grateful for your support guys! https://t.co/K6wIy95qyK 2 months ago
  • Thanks you grrrrrl!! 😘 https://t.co/s64ZjqlfBU 2 months ago
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