Supah Mario

Producer | Songwriter

  • Born: Jonathan Demario Priester | March 8, 1989 | Columbia, SC
  • Presently: E-mailing beats and checking e-mails
  • Fun: Watching my daughter grow, shopping and discovering new music.
  • Random: I love to study social behavior and economics for fun. I think it’s cool and useful to know as much as you can know. At the end of the day I love learning as much as I love to create art!
  • Karma: “2 Cups Stuffed” by Young Thug started this journey in the music industry (business)


  • If y’all don’t appreciate this album after what these people are showing y’all they have to do to get it done then… 4 hours ago
  •  @LesaSoundz  😭😭 really it was a note to self lol 3 days ago
  • Stop tryna be in these peoples circles and start your own. With the kindred spirits the universe aligned you with. 3 days ago
  • i have no idea lol ion even listen to reggae like that...i just be on weird shit lol 3 days ago
  • spoiler: we're releasing a self help app to combat depression! lets go! 3 days ago
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