Steve Daly

Los Angeles

Songwriter | Producer

  • Born: London, England
  • Fun: Vintage synths
  • Random: Access Memory
  • Karma: Chameleon
  • Birth Sign: Half man, half horse 😉


  •  @target  restroom wall art is on point #Banksey 4 days ago
  • The next time you receive a "No", remember that Warren Buffett was turned down by Harvard Business School. "Never going to happen!" 1 week ago
  • He's the Mann 2 weeks ago
  • RT  @JAGSKILLS : Like it takes nothing to be nice and friendly, right? Egos . Egos. Egos. You're fuvking lucky to be in this Job - be nice! 2 weeks ago
  • Game Of Thrones, you've got me! @ Los Angeles, California 2 weeks ago
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