Steve Daly

Los Angeles

Songwriter | Producer

  • Born: London, England
  • Fun: Vintage synths
  • Random: Access Memory
  • Karma: Chameleon
  • Birth Sign: Half man, half horse 😉


  • I'm going back to the vegan lifestyle. I watched this lecture, it reminded me of why I did it all in the first plac… 4 weeks ago
  •  @allison_weick  OK, so I'm not the only one lol. I hope you guys and Sydney are doing great :) 1 month ago
  •  @KatrinaMusic  Wow, I'm impressed. Are the restaurants on page 5 any good? lol 1 month ago
  • Is there anyone out there that actually looks at page 2 on google search? 1 month ago
  • I’ve used  @easyJet  for every EU flight to date. Never again, after today. Disappointed! My laptop meant that hang b… 2 months ago
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