Steve Daly

Los Angeles

Songwriter | Producer

  • Born: London, England
  • Fun: Vintage synths
  • Random: Access Memory
  • Karma: Chameleon
  • Birth Sign: Half man, half horse 😉


  • New Jammy Jams. 1 week ago
  • New jams, She's too talented for one tweet.  @RealJosephina 1 week ago
  • I sincerely hope that everyone that I care about is in on Bitcoin (BTC). You don’t have to buy a whole 1, you can get as little as you like. 3 weeks ago
  • RT  @XformationDan : I heard this today and it was awesome: “Bitcoin Is Like Winning The Lottery In Slow Motion” 3 weeks ago
  •  @ramikawach  hey, I’ve been waiting for a response for failed verification for 5 weeks now. Still not verified. Can you help? Support tix in 1 month ago
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