Rob Giles

Los Angeles

Songwriter | Producer | Recording Artist

  • Born: 5th Parcect of Orion, in the year 43,211
  • Presently: Kicking someone’s ass at Words With Friends
  • Fun: Making babies laugh, discussing sex/politics/religion; not at same time.
  • Random: Have danced the electric slide with Prince on a purple underground glass-topped pool at 5am. Have 16 fingers. Hated myself for years. Worked hard to forgive it all. Happy as can be working out my Gratitude muscles daily.
  • Karma: “You Don’t Need A Million Dollars” (Fire It Up, Joe Cocker)
  • Birth Sign: Taurus, Scorpio Rising


  • RT  @brianklaas : The Saudis bailed Trump out in 1991 when they bought his yacht. He had companies registered there up to Dec. 2016. They fun… 12 hours ago
  • RT  @AOC : To clarify: Rahm Emanuel once mailed the body of a dead, decomposing fish to bully a Dem he disliked. Then, as a mayor of Chicago… 4 days ago
  •  @MeghanMcCain  Not to late to start supporting the party with class, reason and tact, Meghan. 4 days ago
  • Corporate leaders say we can’t have Warren on ticket. Warren gets almost zero time on mic during debates. Coincidence? 4 days ago
  • RT  @MeCookieMonster : Me just took a DNA test turns out me 100% cookies... 6 days ago
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