Brooklyn, NY

Songwriter | Producer

  • Born: Once
  • Presently: Building a time machine out of olive oil, clock parts and cassette tapes so I can go back in time and buy an 808.
  • Fun: Yes please
  • Random: acklj laigj e znl,,,
  • Karma: May not be real
  • Birth Sign: Virgo


  •  @AmericanAir  They finally came but not nearly soon enough for me or my two year old son 7 months ago
  •  @AmericanAir  your representative at baggage is completely apathetic but she informed me that she's **waiting for a… 7 months ago
  •  @AmericanAir  what a terrible experience tonight. Flight from mpls to lga so sluggish and now where are the bags? Ma… 7 months ago
  • RT  @sheboyganscan : 4xx washington ct - wires sparking, possibly caused by squirrel yesterday 1 year ago
  • Got new sweatpants. 2 years ago
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