Melody Riffs Federer

Los Angeles

Songwriter | Recording Artist

  • Born: Dallas, Tx. Have wandered since.
  • Presently: Making up 1000 songs for 1000 Strangers (for @Love146 on Instragram)
  • Fun: I’ve met Woody Allen about 5 times, Robert Deniro in an airport, sang “New York, New York” in Andre Bocelli’s ears (because he didn’t know the words… and thought he was drunk, not blind, and David Foster was there). Obsessed with Michael Bublé & dream of writing a song for him.Spend[ing] most my free time in Barnes and Noble.
  • Random: Lived in Paris for three years and sang 1930s music on the streets and in the cafes with a French piano player. Played piano in the Hilton Hotel lounge 5 nights a week for mostly Korean and Russian businessmen who watched the football game above my head.
  • Karma: Got signed by a producer who was in the hotel lounge one night this year. Met Billy Mann. Invented “Stride-Pop” which is 1930s Monmarte and Harlem Stride mixed with…Pop.
  • Birth Sign: Sagittarius.


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