Lee Anna James

Los Angeles


  • Born: Orlando, FL
  • Presently: Working me arse off
  • Fun: Everything is fun
  • Random: Used to live in South Africa
  • Birth Sign: Capricorn


  • Jon Stewart is looking hot these days... just sayin. 6 days ago
  • Oh MY GOD! My works just exploded...PERFECT STRANGERS IS ON HULU...every season!!! Woohooooo #cousinlarry #balky #perfectstrangers #80'skid 6 days ago
  •  @bleachersmusic  is such a dope band. Great record!! 1 week ago
  • My heart is so heavy today for this world. 2 weeks ago
  • Rest In Peace  @tompetty  you were my favorite artist of all time. You will be missed and always remembered. Your music lives on. 2 weeks ago
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