Kato Khandwala

Los Angeles, CA

Producer | Mixing Engineer

  • Born: With A Loud Roar
  • Presently: Irritating Someone
  • Fun: Always
  • Karma: Blondie, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, and The Pretty Reckless, To Be Determined :-)
  • Birth Sign: Gemini


  • #flyinghighagain https://t.co/x8a8ThQ18N 1 day ago
  • Make like a tree and get out of here #thestreetsofs√£opaulo https://t.co/ntbGTmIV6R 1 week ago
  • Dark Days #intothegreatwideopen https://t.co/TqbxXQSdgh 2 weeks ago
  • A life lived well. https://t.co/jKonZxHXak 3 weeks ago
  • Party! #vivaobrasil https://t.co/gL5gJI45hi 3 weeks ago
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