David Spencer

Nashville, TN

Songwriter | Producer

  • Born: Wadesboro, NC
  • Presently: Producing records, writing records, and spending time with my family. done. deal.
  • Fun: The beach, Topsail and Kiawah to be exact, friends, and beat boxing while my kids breakdance.
  • Random: Won the regional competition of Invent America in 5th grade (for a waffle iron alarm)
  • Karma: Started at Starbucks with a degree from UNC-Chapel Hill & has since seen his songs on TV shows, artists on The Voice, X Factor, AGT, & records in the top 100 iTunes/Billboard (Elenowen, Jacob Whitesides). He was invited by Big Brothers Big Sisters National Conference to play “Brighter Side,” a song he wrote/produced with Q, an amazingly talented teenager in the BBBS program. He is also CEO of David Spencer Music Group, a music education company in Nashville, TN.
  • Birth Sign: Aries


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