Afika Nxumalo

Recording Artist | Songwriter

  • Born:┬áNaked
  • Presently: Clothed. Though I’m considering going back to my roots.
  • Fun: Finding quiet nooks in loud places and people-watching from said nook.
  • Random: The number 87
  • Karma: My understanding of this section is that everyone names songs I’ve never heard of…So here, also, is some songs I’ve never heard of: “Take Me to The Wishing Spot” by Jimmy Two Shoes and the Sunshine Fever; “Baby Just Cook” by Hungry Jack; “This Really Hurts” by The Splinters; “Can Anyone Find Me?” by The Amber Alerts; “Dutch Oven?” by Dookie Smellington; “Can I Get Back to Work” by The Said No One, Evers; “Turn-up” by Lil Gardner ft. Yung Veg
  • Birth Sign:┬áPisces
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